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Rangiora High School - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 438
School Name: Rangiora High School
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Rangiora
Tuition fee: NZ$12,000 per annum or NZ$3000 per term
Residential Type: Homestay
Rental fee: NZ$220.00 per week + Placement fee NZ$500.00 per year
Program offer: Year 9 - Year 13
Other Information: Rangiora High School is a decile 8 co-educational secondary school with a proud tradition of providing the families of North Canterbury with quality education since 1884. We are one of the largest secondary schools in the South Island, with more than 1800 students and more than 180 teaching and support staff. Our school has had a long tradition of hosting students from all parts of the world. International students choose Rangiora High School for a variety of reasons: to improve their English language skills; to gain academic qualifications to enter university both in New Zealand and overseas; to experience a new country and its culture; and to attempt activities that are unique to New Zealand, such as outdoor pursuits. The International Department offers care and support to all international students. New students are met at the airport, introduced to their homestays and helped to choose subjects and adjust to their new school and home life. Rangiora High School is a large school and has the advantage of being able to offer a wide range of subjects and specialist teaching. It also has the benefits of living in a safe town and country environment while only being 30 minutes from the large city of Christchurch. All students are given an orientation when they arrive at school. They are tested and then placed in appropriate classes. Experienced staff ensure a smooth and successful transition in Rangiora High School and the New Zealand way of life. Students may enter the school at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3. However only Year 9 and 10 students will be accepted in Term 4. Year 9 and Year 10 All students follow a compulsory "core" consisting of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education. There will also be some elective subjects. Years 1113 From Year 11, students work toward the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). At this level all students must reach minimum standards in English (or Maori) and Mathematics. The rest of their course is up to the school and the student, but most students will be studying five or six subjects. In Year 12 (age 16) students study up to six subjects for NCEA Level 2. Most schools will be including a wide range of non-traditional subjects at this level. Year 13 (age 17) NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand Scholarships (Level 4). Students choose up to five subjects, usually relevant to their intended course of study at a tertiary institution. There are no compulsory subjects. To take languages and sciences at this level, these subjects must first have been studied in Years 11 and 12. An overview is available in international languages. You can access them by clicking on the language of choice. New Zealand has 8 state Universities and 20 Institutes of Technology offering a wide range of degrees, diplomas and certificates which are recognised throughout the world.

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